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September 27, 2014
Marinette Best Western - Riverside

It was a good show with seven good quality models and five models in the Model Showcase. Four models were at the Merit Award level.

MODEL CONTEST participants included:
  1. Gary Bothe of Kewaunee, WI, 54216
  2. Charles Valentine of Seymour, WI, 54165

MODEL SHOWCASE participants included:
  1. Mark Johnson of Marinette, WI, 54143
  2. Paul Leow of Marquette, MI, 49855
  3. Charles Valentine

  4. Results were:

    DON STEFFEN BEST-OF-SHOW (POPULAR VOTE) and 1st Place, Display.

    Tractor Display Gary Bothe, Marinette

    Steam Tractor Display by Gary Bothe
    Cnst 30; Dtl 14; Conf 14; F&L 19; Scr 11; Total Points 88 Merit*

    RICHARD EGGERT BEST-OF-SHOW (POINTS) and 1st Place, Freight Car

    Westside-style Tank Car In On30 Gary Bothe, Marinette

    Westside-style Tank Car in On30, by Gary Bothe
    Cnst 32; Dtl 14; Conf 16; F&L 17; Scr 11; Total Points 90 Merit*

    Gas-Mechanical Industrial Switcher Gary Bothe, Marinette

    1st place, Diesel Locomotives Gas-Mechanical Industrial Switcher in On20 by Gary Bothe
    Cnst 32; Dtl 12; Conf 15; F&L 20; Scr 8; Total Points 88 Merit*

    Q&TL-style rock cars, Gary Bothe, Marinette

    2nd place, Freight Cars Q&TL-style Rock Cars, On20, by Gary Bothe
    Cnst 31; Dtl 15; Conf 27; F&L 17; Scr 10; Total Points 88 Merit*

    Q&TL-style rock cars, Gary Bothe, Marinette

    1st place, Caboose D&RGW-style Shorty Caboose in On30, by Gary Bothe

    1st place, Structures NY,NH&H Anchor Bridge, HO, by Charles Valentine
    Cnst 30; Dtl 17; Conf 18; F&L 10; Scr 13; Total Points 88 Merit*

    Anchor Unit and MU Cars, Valentine

    1st place, Traction NH 4400 Multiple Unit Cars, HO, by Charles Valentine
    Merit* - above the Merit Award level cutoff of 87.5 points

    Models were judged by:

    1. David Allen - NMRA # 68744
    2. John Leow - NMRA #109038

    Modeler's Showcase Models included:

    1. A military display of a Sherman tank, five USSR tanks and an Israeli BF 109 fighter plane by Charles Valentine
    2. A passenger caboose under construction by Paul Leow
    3. A Chippewa Hiawatha Train by Mark Johnson

    Military Armor Display, Valentine Fall Meet 2014


    The contest had very good average quality with five of the seven models being above the merit award cutoff level of 87.5 points.

    Two of the models had articles about them in the Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette. Gary authored the steam tractor display article in 1980 and the rock car article in the July 2014 issue. I really enjoyed seeing the models which were the subjects of these good articles.

    Charles Valentine's models were constructed of cardboard - complete with compound curves, odd shapes and what not. It was a learning experience for me.

    A final note - only a Contest Entry Form is needed for Popular Vote and for Model Showcase entries.

    Until next time - in Manitowoc for the regional contest -- be well.

    Dave Allen

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